The Power Of Promotional Products And How To Harness That Power

Promotional products are considered as one of the oldest forms of marketing strategy. In fact, many businesses spend around $20 billions each year to buy promotional items to give away to clients, employees, suppliers and business partners. Unlike conventional advertising, promotional products work on the idea of passive advertising. The logos printed on travel mugs, promotional pens and customized fridge magnets for example are powerful enough to create curiosity to the target market. So why are promo products powerful marketing strategies? Here are the reasons why this type of marketing strategy is effective.

Promotional Items Work Around The Rule Of Reciprocity

The efficacy of promo products can be credited to the social norms surround the rule of reciprocity. This means that if someone gives you something, you are bound to give something back. This is the reason why when you give promo items like promotional shirts to your clients, they will also tend to give back by patronizing your business or recommending it to their friends and colleagues. This is the reason why service-oriented companies love giving promo items to their clients because they believe that if clients like their freebies, they will end up doing more transactions with them in the future.

Promotional Items Are Compelling

Promotional items are also compelling and they encourage people to make a decision to get products and services. For instance, if you run a travel agency and you give promotional items like travel mugs to your clients to boost your promotional sale, then they will be encouraged to book their next travel with you if they find your offers irresistible. Promo items are not only used by businesses but also by organizations that want to launch their cause to society. Charitable institutions give away pins and other promo items to encourage people to join their cause.

Customized Promotional Items Help Boost The Customer Ego

There is really nothing like receiving a promo item that has your name on it. In fact, giving them away can help boost the customer ego. The thing is that people love to see their names on most of their things. It makes them feel special if you print their names on the promo item and they are likely to use them more compared to other promotional items that do not have their names on them.

There is really no doubt that promotional items are very powerful marketing strategies and this is the reason why it remains as one of the most popular and sought after marketing strategies in the market today.