Little Known Ways to Pick the Right Promotional Product for Your Business

There was a time when if you owned a pie shop, all you needed to do was get up, make pies, sell pies and go home. But today you have to be a marketing guru as well. This may sound overly dramatic but it is true. We live in a world filled with competition, many people selling the same product or service, fighting for the same market share. Competition here keeps increasing and we need a difference, a unique selling point – Promotional Products Marketing could be the answer!

The difference should be your marketing campaign. Instead of investing in magazine and newspaper advertising, use a more cost-effective strategy such as promotional products.

But you need to be aware of one key element to promotional product marketing – selecting the most appropriate promotional items can be a tough task. You should be confident that your promotional products will achieve the desired result. Here are some general guidelines to assist in choosing the right product:

Define your objectives

Think about the kind of response you’re looking for, what you want to accomplish and at what point will the response justify the budget? Who is your audience? All these are vital considerations in promotional product marketing.

Choose quality items

Quality items such as promotional umbrellas are likely to be more appreciated by your customers and prospects than cheaper merchandise such as key chains or poor quality plastic pens. Often the most successful promotional items are those that are durable and likely to be used regularly.

Have a unique design

Along with choosing an appropriate product for your business, you should also concentrate on the design. The design could include your logo, business name or whatever message you wish to convey. The best designs can be quite simple but they are always appealing.

Make the item colourful

Making the product colourful doesn’t mean that you have to implement all the available colours, choose the colours that match your brand. General advice would be to avoid the colours black and white, which can give the impression that your products are old and outdated.

Get useful products

Before you choose a product for your marketing campaign, decide whether your promotional items are for one-time use or multiple times use. It’s better to go for an item that can be used for a long period. Useful products remind people about your brand whenever they need a service relating to yours.

Also remember, the product should relate to your business. Let’s take a closer look, for example, if your company markets beauty products would you give your clients a promotional mug? Maybe not, although Promotional mugs are universally acceptable and often warmly received – but you might want to offer something that is more relevant to your business. Many companies choose promotional gifts that are made from recycled materials to make a statement that they care about the environment.

Whatever you decide, never compromise your brand values. Recognise them, reinforce them, and refer to them when making decisions about the promotional items that will represent your brand.